Surrey Writes

Welcome to Surrey Writes, the first-ever, brand-new Surrey New Writers Festival Podcast! In this season, we will talk to accomplished and emerging writers, as well as current students of University of Surrey, about their writing process and career!

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On University, Publishing, and Performing Poetry: In Conversation with Sharron Green

IT’S FESTIVAL WEEK! To celebrate, we thought we would end this season with the first podcast we ever recorded, back in February 2023. Stay tuned until the end of a surprise reading!

Our last guest is the wonderful Sharron Green, who will talk to us about her university experience, her publishing journey, and performing her poems to an audience. She will then give us a reading of some of her poems!

On “Pains Hill”, Being a Journalist and Self-Publishing: In Conversation with Margaret Buntrock

Margaret Buntrock talks to us about her previous career as a journalist, and how that led her to writing and self-publishing her debut novel Pains Hill. Margaret will be part of our Paths to Publication panel, so make sure to snatch a ticket today!

On Self-Publishing and Making a Living as an Author: In Conversation with Melissa Addey

Melissa Addey talks to us about the self-publishing world, as well as giving us tips on how to make a living as an author! She will tell us more about her publishing journey in our Paths to Publication Panel, so do make sure to snatch a ticket! Melissa will also run a workshop on “How to Make a Living as an Author”, so if you want to kickstart your writing career, grab your ticket now! Spaces for the workshop are LIMITED and are ticketed separately. TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE

In Conversation with Leon Lynn

We welcome Leon Lynn, who will chat to us about interactive writing and its application to all other writing genres! He is also run a workshop on this topic on the 27th May – make sure you don’t miss out! 

In Conversation with Jane Hennigan

We welcome Jane Hennigan, who will chat to us about her publishing journey, her novel Moths (available to purchase here) and the sequel Toxxic, as well as her previous career! She will go deeper into her publishing story on our Paths to Publication panel, so do make sure to snatch a ticket! 

In Conversation with Bee Isaac

In this bonus episode, we’ll discuss how Bee’s career in the emergency services affects her writing, as well as time management plus many ways to turn you into the best writer you can be!

In Conversation with Annum Salman

We welcome Annum Salman, who will discuss her publishing experience and self-promotion! She is also holding a workshop and will take part in our Writing for Performance Panel, so keep an eye out for tickets!

In Conversation with Chloe Markey and Dr Anthony Baker

Learn about Chloe’s podcast writing career and how Dr Baker’s previous career influences his writing, as well as a plenty more helpful tips to drive your own career forward!

In Conversation with Alex J Comley and Sharmishta Chahande

In our first episode, we discuss in detail Alex’s copywriting career and Sharmishta’s journalism experience.