Take a look at our blog posts below to get inspired before the festival:

Interview with Michael Donkor

Michael Donkor Fiction writer Interview conducted by Laura Reilly Q: Let’s start with your university experience. You completed a BA in English Literature at Oxford University. In an interview with The Guardian, you noted that ‘the whole business of thinking about texts – something [you] loved – was reframed as a pursuit full of risk … More Interview with Michael Donkor

Interview with Ella McLeod

Ella McLeod Writer, Poet & Performer‘Conveying Identity’ Panelist Interview conducted by Sharron Green You are a writer and poet, what inspires you? I am inspired by the world around me- is that a really boring answer? But seriously, everything from a kiss to a war. Mostly I write from rage, trying to process pain and … More Interview with Ella McLeod

Interview with Sunny Singh

Sunny Singh Professor and writer ‘Psychology of the Self and the Author’ Panellist for Surrey New Writers Festival 2022 Interview conducted by Lana McIvor I had the privilege of interviewing Sunny Singh, a globally acclaimed novelist and professor of Creative Writing and Inclusion in the Arts at London Metropolitan University. With a set of impressive … More Interview with Sunny Singh

Interview with Lauren Foley

Lauren Foley Author ‘Psychology of the Self and the Author’ Panellist Interview conducted by Beth Roberts Lauren Foley (she/her) is an Irish/Australian, bisexual writer with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Lauren is chronically ill and disabled and the majority of her writing is dictated. The winner of the inaugural Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize and a … More Interview with Lauren Foley

Interview with Dara Kalima

Dara Kalima ‘Conveying Identity’ Panellist Interview conducted by Sharron Green Dara Kalima is the New York-, or, as she would insist on telling you, Bronx-based author of a recent memoir Still Laughin’ and three poetry collections Black Man, Black Woman, Black Child; Casualty of Love and Two X Chromosomes with an Extra Shot of Melanin. … More Interview with Dara Kalima

Interview with Beth Miller

Beth Miller Author Interview conducted by Margaret Ehuriah Beth Miller is the author of The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright (2020) ― a bestselling novel that has received rave reviews. Released in January of this year, her most recent publication is called The Woman Who Came Back to Life. Before becoming an author, Beth worked … More Interview with Beth Miller


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