What A Difference A Year Makes – by Sharron Green

Sharron looks back over her experience of 2020, remembering both the highs and lows of the year. Read and/or listen to this charming poem below.


Way back in March I wondered

when we gathered at GLive

if hopes for 2020

were about to take a dive.


The festival continued

though we teetered on the brink

of the Spring and Summer lockdown

into which we would soon sink.


First Mother’s Day then Easter

then a vast array of sport,

our holidays and parties –

careful plans reduced to naught.


Overnight we realised,

that all the nation’s wealth,

depended on key workers

to deliver food and health.


It was an anxious time,

a struggle to adapt –

as homes turned into cages

and we watched the news, enrapt.


I sought escape in writing,

grappling with restricted norms

trying to describe them

in a range of rhyming forms.


Inspired by Instapoets,

I found that I wrote loads

and now they are all clustered

in a book called ‘Viral Odes’.


This therapeutic writing

and the folks that GLive day

transported me to Uni

and a fabulous MA.


I really recommend it,

such a life-enriching time,

plus I can help the festival

which this year is online.


Please look out for the details

about to be released,

it’s going to be quite special

– a literary feast!


In short, the year has taught me,

though uncertain times are strange,

there are opportunities

if we’re not afraid of change.


About the Author – Sharron Green:

A poet of a certain age, I spent lockdown writing poems for my ‘Viral Odes’ booklet and various pandemic themed anthologies. I was inspired to embark on the Creative Writing MA at the University of Surrey following last year’s New Writers Festival and am thoroughly enjoying it. Find me @rhymes_n_roses on Instagram and at https://rhymesnroses.com . Viral Odes is available from Amazon and Lulu.

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